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Happy Spring Equinox Day

The Nature Is Taking Rebirth: Happy Spring Equinox Day

Once again it’s that time of the year when the air is a sweet breeze and the warm sunshine kisses you. Once again it’s the Spring Equinox Day. It is a widely celebrated festival of Japan which marks the end

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Conservation Consulting

Conservation Consulting—Assurance and Reliability

World is affected adversely by various kinds of pollutions. To stop or rather control the distracting elements affecting to nature planet earth needs to be saved by some solutions at the earliest. HKS has significantly contributed towards global issues that

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97 Tortoises Released at Mumbai Airport; Man in custody

97 Tortoises Released at Mumbai Airport; Man in Custody

It was a relief moment for the 97 Turtles landed in a Mumbai Airport, as the protected turtles and tortoises were rescued at the Mumbai International Airport on Saturday night after security officials spotted something suspicious during luggage screening. The

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Happy Makha Bucha Day

Let the Enlightenment of Knowledge Spread: Happy Makha Bucha

11th March might be like any other normal day for the world, but for Thailand it is most important day of the year. The full moon day of 3rd lunar month called as ‘Makha’ is celebrated as one of the

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Happy International Women’s Day

Empowering the Better Half of Society: Happy International Women’s Day

Men might have been the dominant integral aspect of human civilization but it is merely because the efforts of women have always went unnoticed, because no one ever sang ballads of their sacrifice, of their heroism. International Women’s Day celebrated

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Ladakh ‘pashminas’

Climate Change Slaughter 18K Ladakh ‘pashminas’

Last year’s unusually dry summer and this winter’s unprecedented the worst snowfall in nearly 50 years in Ladakh’s Changtang area that has claimed over 18,000 ‘pashmina’ goats. The source of one of the finest varieties of wool that has put

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Zoo Consultants

Zoo Consultants – Let’s Shape Beauties With Innovations

HKS Designer & Consultant International Co. Ltd. are the pioneers in Zoo consultancy. Our main objective is to bring man closer to nature with our reliable consultation to build world-class zoos. HKS encourage visitors to understand wildlife with better approach.

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