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Theme Shows Creation

Theme Shows Creation & Development– Adventure Unlimited

There is magic in the jungle and it’s just right out there right in front of your eyes. All you have to do is just be there and make sure to look around the amazing sights around the serenity of

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Conservation Consulting

Conservation Consulting—Assurance and Reliability

World is affected adversely by various kinds of pollutions. To stop or rather control the distracting elements affecting to nature planet earth needs to be saved by some solutions at the earliest. HKS has significantly contributed towards global issues that

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Zoo Consultants

Zoo Consultants – Let’s Shape Beauties With Innovations

HKS Designer & Consultant International Co. Ltd. are the pioneers in Zoo consultancy. Our main objective is to bring man closer to nature with our reliable consultation to build world-class zoos. HKS encourage visitors to understand wildlife with better approach.

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Wildlife Consulting Services - Educate to Improve

Wildlife Consulting Services – Educate to Improve

HKS is your one stop solution for all the wildlife consulting services. There are amazing staffs at HKS who have years of experience into wildlife and other related sector such as zoos, museums, parks and recreation centers. We understand what

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Zoo Designing

Zoo Designing – Beautiful Zoo Creation

Planning has kept HKS ahead of its time. We have team of experts who are highly qualified and they are experienced to design world-class zoo designs. Our innovative staff studies latest designs and modern designs but end results are always

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Zoo And Aquarium Services

Aquarium Services – Relaxation Guaranteed

HKS is a market-leader who provides dynamic range of aquarium service solutions. Our expert studies various aquarium cases to understand various perspectives of Aquarium Services. There were staggering facts when we started observing global markets and the overall progress of

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture – Heavenly Designs

To achieve beautiful environment for customer’s precious land HKS studies the overall structure of the land. Weather plays an important role and other elements such as kind of soil the land has, these are some of the major traits that

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