HKS Designers and Consultants wish you a Happy 65th Republic Day

Time flies in jiffy and here we are at our 65th Republic day. The question here is how far have we come and in which direction. Sure there is development, sure there is improvement but is this standing on a strong foundation?

In the time when people propagate global citizenship and peace there are question arising of our integrity towards humanity in general. A country where its men do not respect the basic ethos of humanity will never surpass hurdles no matter how patriotic they are.

Happy Republic Day

Our country has become a bowl of hot and cold soups mixed together. We might be the proud nation to boast a list of scholar women in field of politics, science, defense and art but we are also plagued by female feticide and honor killings. We might have touch new skies with IT technology and science, but we still have a huge population of illiterates. We might boast of Mittals and Ambanis but we still have a majority of poverty ridden families.

We are heading towards completing a century of surviving as a free democratic country. So far our evolutions are definitely commendable but, let us not get carried away by the success and ignore the misfits. There is still a lot to be done and achieved, so keep your sleeves rolled up and get back to better our dear nation that we so fondly call ‘BHARAT MATA’. Happy 65th Republic Day!

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