Honoring History And Its Greatness: The Chakri Dynasty

The Chakri Memorial Day is celebrated on the April 6th every year with much patriotism in Thailand. This was the day when the first Rama king ‘Thong Duang’ had achieved victory against the Burmese attacks and announced Bangkok as the capital city in the year 1782. This year April 6th marks the 231 years of Chakri Dynasty. The current monarch, King Bhumibol the Great, is the ninth of their lineage. He is the longest ruling monarch in the world. Also called as the Rama King IX, he ascended to the throne in 1946, almost 66 years ago.

King ‘Thong Duang’ adopted the ritual of titling himself as Rama King inspired from the Hindu Lord ‘Ram’. Since then all the successors are titled with Rama and a roman number for suffix.

Chakri Memorial Day

This day is observed as a national holiday and celebrated with much zeal especially in Bangkok. The king along with other members of the royal family performs rituals to pay respect to their brave ancestors. Ceremonies are performed at the Royal Chapel, then at the Royal Pantheon which is further followed by the wreath-laying ceremony at the statue of King Rama I at the Memorial Bridge.

Citizens pay respect to all the 9 noble kings that the Chakri Dynasty has provided for generations.The Rama Kings have been quintessential in restoring the peace, culture and rich literature of Thailand. They were earnest devotees of Lord Buddha and implemented the Buddhist teachings into their leadership.

On this patriotic occasion, HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd pay our tribute to the lineage of great kings in the history of Thailand and wish our Thai friends a Happy Chakri Memorial Day.


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