It’s not just a day, it’s the ticking clock. Welcome yet another World Environment Day.

The World Environment Day, which annually occurs on 5th of June, is the biggest event that is aimed at being the most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action.

The World Environment Day celebration is a result of United Nations Conference on the Human Environment that started from 5th June 1972 to 16th June 1972. Hence it is held every year on 5TH June. The international events of the day are run by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The idea of World Environment Day was to enable the United Nations to give equal or rather special attention to the growing environmental concerns and take corrective measures.World Environment DayThis day teaches us that Environment is not a separate entity, we the so called developed humans are as much a part of environment as a small house-fly. To protect the environment is not an added responsibility but the only way of saving mankind. It is also a slow process and requires both macro and micro level changes in our lifestyles and policy-making from international governance. Hence several individuals, groups and NGOs around the world are constantly making efforts to save the planet. But 5th June as World Environment Day, recognizes these heroic efforts and informs the ignorant. Thus consistently enlarging the population of environment crusaders

Our team at HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd feels ecstatic that or line of work is such that holds environment at  top priority, hence this day is of great importance to us. We wish you all a Happy World Environment Day! And hope to see the much needed change in our attitudes. Let’s build more green than concrete.

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