Labour is God’s Way of Gifting Strength: Happy Labour Day

On the occasion of 1 may; International Labour Day we give are best wish and gratitude to all the hardworking, enduring citizens all over the world.

It is unclear as to how Labour Day originally came to existence. Some say it originated in New Zealand on 28 October 1890. Thousands of trade union members and supporters organised parades in the main centers  Government employees were given holiday to be able to attend the parades and several private businesses were also closed for at least some part of the day. Others believe it originated in Canada during the 1870’s labour disputes at Toronto. The march in support of a strike against 58 hour workweek in 1872 was the first exhibit of Labour Day. 24 union leaders were arrested under anti-union laws for organizing this parade.

Happy Labour Day

Whatever be the truth, today we all know that Labour Day is celebrated on May 1st in order to commemorate and appreciate the hardworking crowd on whose shoulder’s our society exist and sustains.

Typically Labour Day celebrations include of office parties or speeches and gatherings where the employees, workers are appreciated or gifted. Street parades to exhibit “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labour organizations” of the community are held. In most cities it is a public holiday that allows people to enjoy time their families. Most employees go on a family picnics and the younger ones usually enjoy time with friends while sharing cigars, beer and simply relaxing. HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd wishes all the working class and our own employees a Happy Labour Day!

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