Let the Enlightenment of Knowledge Spread: Happy Makha Bucha

11th March might be like any other normal day for the world, but for Thailand it is most important day of the year. The full moon day of 3rd lunar month called as ‘Makha’ is celebrated as one of the holiest festival called ‘Makha Bucha’. Bucha means to honor. On the occasion of this day the Buddhist all over pay their respect to Lord Buddha and his teachings.

Around 2500 years ago in history a remarkable gathering of some 1250 monks took place. This was a spontaneous and unplanned act. A similar kind of unplanned gathering happened exactly on the same day after 45 years. These coincidences lead to the celebration of Makha Bucha every year since then on the full moon day of the 3rd lunar month.

During these celebrations monks and religious people gather in temples to pray during sunset. A candlelight procession called ‘Wian’ is carried out to pay respect to the monks and the three jewels of Buddhism – Lord Buddha himself, his teachings – ‘Dharma’ and the Buddhist institutions – ‘Sangha’.

Happy Makha Bucha Day

People refrain from immoral acts and try to gain merit by participating in good deeds this is called ‘tum boon’. They attend sermons and teachings of Buddha being recited by other monks.

The Five Precepts, also the key teachings of Buddhism are rigorously followed during this time, they are:

  • To abstain from harming any living thing;
  • To abstain from stealing;
  • To abstain from all intoxicants;
  • To abstain from backbiting, gossip, intrigue, and from telling lies;
  • To abstain from sexual immorality;

Hence all bars, pubs and alcohol selling shops are closed, even government offices are close as it is a national holiday. Thus on such an holy and righteous day, HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd wishes all its patrons the best wishes of ‘Makha Bucha’ and blessing of lord Buddha. Let Knowledge and Enlightening be bestowed upon us.


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