Love All God’s Creation as Oneself; Merry Christmas!

Today is the day when the one and only son of god, Jesus Christ was born. According to Christian belief God sacrificed his only child for the welfare of mankind. Jesus Christ spent his entire lifetime teaching and prophesying love, humanity and humility. He encouraged people to live in harmony and in coherence with nature. Hence Christmas is not just a commemoration of the greatest prophet in history but also the commemoration of mankind in general. Lights, decorations, gifts are definitely a way to express our happiness, love and kindness, but the real gift is the gift of love and human courtesy.

Merry Christmas

At HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd we take this up as our responsibility to spread one of his messages to all. That is “love all God’s creations as one shall love himself”. This means that a person should treat not only his friends and family but also all animals, plants, insects and nature with compassion. Our motto, ‘bringing man closer to nature’ is the prominent reference to it. HKS Designer and Consultant have been gifting the society with superior quality services such as Architecture Design, Landscape Architecture, Interpretive Planning, Exhibit Design, Zoos & Aquaria, Public Gardens, Museums & Visitor Centers, Parks & Recreations and much more. With this we hope to create a better world complete with nature and sustainable future. So here’s wishing for a better future and a Merry Christmas.

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