Love and Blessings is Every Child’s Birth Right; Happy International Children’s Day!

They are the gifts of good, sign of vitally and abundant energy, they are children. Although various countries celebrate Children’s Day on different dates the International Children’s Day is observed on 1st June since 1950.  It was first declared in 1925 by the World Conference for the Well-being of Children and then established universally in 1954 to protect all children from dangerous laborious circumstances and allow all them access to an education

UNICEF is dedicated to meeting the six of eight goals that apply to the needs of children so that they are all entitled to basic rights written in the 1989 international human rights treaty. UNICEF delivers vaccines, works with policymakers for good health care and education and works exclusively to help children and protect their rights.

Happy International Children’s Day

Across the world children face the brunt of corrupt politics and profit hungry organizations. All though children in poverty ridden nations are more vulnerable to mistreatment and human rights violation, the risk cannot be completely ruled out in the so called first world nation’s either.

Hence to safeguard the interest of these budding minds and body the UN has laid down certain fundamental rules and rights which are strictly propagated.  It sad that certain groups and individuals go to such inhuman lengths of torturing innocent children for selfish motives; hence this day is to celebrate the innocence and endless hope that these children give for the future.

HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd wish heartiest Happy International Children’s Day to all the little ones and wish them a bright future.

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