Precaution Is Better Than Cure; Observing the World Zoonoses Day

The term Zoonosis means an ailment that is transmitted from animals to human beings.  World Zoonoses Day is observed on July 6 every year to highlight the problem and bring awareness amongst people, so as to take right action.

The most known and deadliest of such disease is rabies. So World Zoonoses Day is when one can get them and their pets vaccinated against these deadly diseases.

All domestic animals both pets and raised for meat should be regularly vaccinated because even pets can prove dangerous sometimes when they pick up some parasite and transfer it to their owners where as the meat is not be fit for consumption of the animal that is not properly vaccinated.

Several organizations concerning the issue hold camps for vaccination. Their responsibility is to inoculate stray animals from the disease of rabies. People can also volunteer at such camps.

World Zoonoses Day

NGOs conduct lectures in different schools and localities on animal first aid and prevention of Zoonosis. In certain nations like India there exist Stray Animals Committee to oversee the well being and vaccination of stray animals.

Rabies Control Society surveyed that almost 30,000 people in India and more than 50,000 people all over the world lose their lives every year due to zoonotic diseases like rabies and TB.

The participation of local bodies in such campaign is important to make this effort a tangible success and maximum eradication of zoonotic diseases. Various companies and groups dealing in veterinary products and services are the stars of the day as communities are dependent on them for better information and awareness.

Our team at HKS Designers and Consultants International Co. Ltd urges all of you to observe this day by getting your pets as well as stray animals in your locality vaccinated. Also one must inform and aware as many people as possible about the World Zoonoses Day.

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