Remembering His Enlightenment through His Teachings; Remembering Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha is the most worshiped deity in the majority of South East Asian countries. Buddha day is the day when the Buddhism followers celebrate this day as the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha, and celebrated at the full moon. This day is also called Vesak day. Lord Buddha’s enlightenment and teachings guided many through the ordeal of life. He was their teacher to the blessed life of divinity. Hence this day is also celebrated as teacher’s day. In countries with higher Buddhist population which is, most of the South East Asian countries, this day is observed as national holiday.Happy Buddha DayThe day is celebrated in very traditional way by visiting temples, and chanting hymns. Most places a ritual of donating alms to the monks and food to the poor is observed. In many places where the relics of Lord Buddha exist, the relics are taken out, cleaned and worshiped on this day. Several devotees flock to the Buddhist pilgrimages to witness the ceremony. In Indonesia an eternal flame is lit in Mrapen in Grobogan. Light-waving ceremonies are organized at night, also paper and wood lanterns are released along with caged birds as a symbol of liberation.

Monks wear saffron clothing and observe a vegetarian diet along with most devotees. People perform theatrics, musicals and recitation of poems venerating Lord Buddha. Ceremonies to water the highly significant bodhi tree are conducted. Bodhi tree is the tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. The day ends off with a candlelit procession.

On this auspicious occasion HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd wishes all the faithful devotees blessings of the Great Lord.

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