Truth Will Always Be Victorious; Happy Dussehra!

Dussehra or also known as Vijayadashmi is the day that marks the end of the 9 day celebrations of Hindu festival Navaratri.

The name Dussehra is obtained from Sanskrit words Dasha-hara which means elimination of ten, referring to Lord Rama’s victory over the ten-headed demon king Ravana. This day also marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasur.

Whereas the name Vijayadashami is a Sanskrit words “Vijaya-dashmi” meaning the victory on the Dashmi-tenth lunar day of the Hindu calendar month.

On this day in mythology Lord Rama who was on an exile with his wife Sita and brother Laxman returned home victorious after winning the iconic battle against demon king Ravana and retrieved his wife Sita. The people of Ayodhya thus celebrated this day as a welcoming for their king.

Happy Dussehra

Hindus all over the world celebrate this festival in more or less similar situations. In Bengal the Durga pooja is a spectacular celebration mostly highlighting the women of family. As women are a depiction of goddess, young girls are especially invited and offered special food and gifts.

As Lord Rama was a Kshtriya (warrior), people worship house hold tools, weapons, workstations etc basically everybody worships their respective tools of income and safety. Children and teachers worship books, pen and tools of knowledge as devotion to Goddess Sarasvati who is the goddess of knowledge.

In Delhi performing Ramlila is a huge trend. Theatre Artists practice for months the epic story of Rama and Ravana. After the performance an effigy of the ten headed demon Ravana is burnt depicting the burning down of all social evils of. Fireworks are performed for further entertainment of audience.  On this auspicious day HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd.  wishes you a happy and safe Dussehra, may all the evils in your life burn to ashes and you be born anew with strength and blessings for the great Lord Rama.

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