Welcome New Year with New Gusto: Happy Songkran Day!

Happy New Year to all our fellow patrons! April 13th to April 16th is celebrated as the Thai new year called ‘songkran’. Hence as they say in Thai, ‘Suk San Wan Songkran’.

The word Sognkran is derived from the Pali language of the Buddhist scriptures which defines the movement of sun from one zodiacal sign to other. During this auspicious time, people strive to earn blessings by doing good deeds called as merit making. Some go to temples to pray; some give alms to the monks and some do charity amongst the needy. In this 4-6 days celebration, one day is dedicated to the elderly. On this day people visit their elderly and receive blessings from them.

Happy Songkran Day

Songkran depicts the arrival of a new life and new opportunities. Hence during this time people try to wash of their sins and start afresh. This is why several households give their homes a good spring cleaning. Songkarn is also very popular for its entertaining celebrations. As this festival falls during the hottest time of the year, the water splashing ritual is widely performed and enjoyed by people of all age groups. The act is a denotation of washing off your sins; hence traditionally people poured a bowl of water on each other. In modern times it has taken a shape of a grand fiesta where people drench each other and passerby with buckets full of water, water guns and hose pipes.

Some days are spent visiting families and friends and spending quality time with each other, wishing for each other’s good health and prosperity. In temples people pour scented holy water on Lord Buddha’s statues as an act of bathing the Lord and servicing him.

On this auspicious and lively festival, HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd also joins the celebrations and wishes for everyone’s good health and happiness.

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