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Landscape of animal presentation area Journey to the Jungle Concept layout of Deer exhibit Concept layout of Cheeta Restaurant for Veermata Jija Bai Bhosley Undyan - Zoo, Mumbai Admin Building and Staff Quater - Veermata Jija Bai Bhosley Undyan - Zoo, Mumbai Concept layout of Underwater Hippo exhibit Java Jones " Temple of terror" Stunte Show, Indonesia Seal Show at Narkorn Ratchasima Zoo, Thailand SE Asian Seramics Museum The Tubkaak Karabi, Thailand Bird Aviary, Dusit Zoo, Thailand Environmental awairness Educational presentation for Students, Thailand
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Environment Policy

HKS brings man closer to nature with dynamic products. Our dedication keep clients relived. The eco-friendly products and services benefit to reduce global warming, animal conservations, marketing materials, corporate culture, and edifice designs. HKS’s primary environmental commitments are as fellows.

Edifice Designs:

HKS is devoted towards creating eco friendly designs for the betterment of society.

Besides impeccable designs of buildings, we successfully sustain atmospheric treasures, man-made environments, and interior spacing. We enable guests to break-free from the bustling city life by offering sublime ambience of Mother Nature.

Product Sourcing:
Professionals of HKS deliver effective results as plans are timely executed post detailed market research.
Corporate Culture:

Effective use of the office materials by utilizing backside of the used paper for printing and photocopying
Reduce pollution by timely recycling of Plastic water bottles and newspapers
Regularly turning off the electric switches if appliances are not being used
We encourage sharing and caring commuting by utilizing carpooling and bike transportations
Environmental and animal conservation sessions by experts to enhance employment satisfaction with education.

Reducing Global Warming:

HKS ‘plants one tree’ on every 100 miles of (flight) work related employee travel.
Our eco-friendly activities are held quarterly.

Contribution towards Animal Conservation

Major element is to meet human and wildlife by enhancing living experiences.
Animal enrichment programs educate zoo visitors and encourage animal conservation.
HKS’s educative animal presentations provide memorable learning experience for public.
We create themes bearing various animal behaviors as it injects excitement with entertainment. Visitors primarily travel zoos and parks to learn and enjoy hence HKS assure perfect mix of fun and adventure.

Several institutes are benefitted by HKS animal breeding programs due to its significant contribution towards wild animals and efficient captive breeding.

HKS’s valuable contribution towards animal conservation includes multiple educative presentations. Our themes are milked with fun-facts and entraining elements that interest visitors. Our warm-hearted experts share interesting trivia and makes visitors journey a memorable experience.

Our expert’s insight covers several striking details about the wildlife, animal conservation and benefits of eco-friendly environment. We spread awareness by sharing knowledge about the changing behaviors of nature, animals and animal conservation this special program is called ‘Journey to the jungle’. Many species are endangered due to human greed and climatic conditions. Therefore our solutions include details on how to sustain natural treasures and how to conserve precious endangered species?

Post programs we duly conduct sessions where kids, adults and other visitors can touch and feel certain birds and animals and learn about their behaviors. Our practice enhances learning experience and offers thrills into the program. Our effective activities add love and affection towards nature and wildlife.

Animal welfare is core element of our programs. Our animal experts ensure safe and healthy measures for animals as well for visitors. We make sure fresh food and water is consumed by animals on daily basis.

Trainers are notified to train animals in a friendly manner and avoid castigating as much as possible. In order to avail positive results from disciplined training we reward animals with mouth-watering food as an encouragement. We abide by stringent policy on animal training if any employee is found breaching it may even lead their termination.

Every year HKS conducts exclusive programs that screen various engagements of animals with trainers to educate about the transmissible diseases. We that inspect our employees are physically healthy and fit to engage with animals to ensure safety for birds and animals.

The exciting activities of Journey to the jungle ensure the safety of Visitors, Trainers and Animals and it ensures programs are conducted with due diligence.

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