Praying For Prosperity On Good Friday

God is always serving those who truly ask for his help. So much so that he will willingly suffer himself for the sake of his patrons. Good Friday is the perfect example of this phenomenon. The story of Good Friday is such that Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday before the full moon of March equinox.

Hence every year on such a Friday Christians all across the globe commemorate the crucifixion as the mark of his sacrifice to save mankind. People wear black on this day and observe a fast. Eating meat is also refrained from on this day. Churches and Christian communities conduct parades or services in order to pay homage the ‘Son of God’.

Good Friday

In most countries Good Friday is a national holiday. Apart from government offices most private offices religiously observe this holiday. Good Friday is less about celebrations and more about respect and love for the Lord and hence a conducted quietly and peacefully.

Families pray for each other’s prosperity and safety. On a bigger picture communities pray for the wellness of mankind and blessings from lord. At HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd. we pay our tributes to the great messiah who suffered for the welfare of mankind, may the Lord bless us all!

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