Revived by Strength of Love: Happy Easter

Easter also called as the resurrection day is celebrated in joy of Jesus Christ’s rebirth after the crucifixion. Easter is observed on the first Sunday that falls after the full moon of March equinox.

Easter marks the end of darkness and the start of a good period. It is also the time that denotes the end of winters and beginning of spring. Hence Easter calls for huge celebrations and feasts.

Easter celebration patterns vary all over the world. Countries add their own regional touch to it but certain aspects remain the same. Like decorating Easter eggs and making Easter bunny effigies and attending church prayers and sunrise services.

Easter Day

Easter fills up our hearts with positivity and a great feeling as everyone is in a jolly mood and engrossed in celebrations.

The creativity splurges, not just individuals and families, but even offices and commercial sectors participate in the festivity. Egg decorating competitions, treasure hunts of eggs, making chocolate Easter bunnies are just some of the few popular activities. The egg depicts the empty tomb of Jesus Christ also life originates from egg in the similar manner as Christ raised from the grave, hence the symbolism.

On this joyous occasion HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd wishes all a Happy Easter and Prosperity.


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