Rowing to Glory: Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

On the occasion of dragon boat festival, HKS would like to remind you of the great story of patriotism. The festival is supposedly a symbolic race to save a heroic poet and patriot from the 4th century B.C. China. This man was called ‘Qu Yuan’.  The king, under the influence of some corrupt minister had banished Qu Yuan from the kingdom. While wandering in the country side he wrote some of China’s greatest patriotic poetry and earned immense respect from the villagers. When he learned about his kingdom’s defeat by the enemies, he threw himself in the river Mi Lo. The villagers in a panic raced into the river in their fisher boats. They tried to save him in vain by beating drums, splashing their oars in the water and throwing rice to distract the fish and water dragons from eating Qu Yuan.Dragon Boat FestivalOver the years the enactment of saving Qu Yuan turned into modern day dragon boat races. On this day people honor the great poet and patriot by conducting dragon boat races, offering rice cakes to the gods and ancestors and feasting on delicious rice delicacies. This day is all about celebrating strength, loyalty and integrity. The dragon boat festival is not just a celebration for the natives but a great attraction for tourist as well.  HKS Designer and Consultant International Company Ltd wish you all the best wishes of this day, may the dragon deities bless and protect you with all their strength!

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